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Settings for Slic3r

First of all a list of the baisic properties of the printer that you have to set in all slicing software:

Slic3r Wizard and Tweaks

slic3r slic3r slic3r slic3r slic3r slic3r slic3r

After Completing the Wizzard

Look around at the settings.

Check the Filament Settings tab


Change so that both the First Layer and Other Layer options have the same value, 210 for Extruder and 65 for Bed. Not doing so will make the printer wait after the first layer for the temperature to change to the set value.


Go to the cooling tab


Change the min and max fan speed like in the picture

A example of settings for support

Go to the Print Settings

slic3r A example of the infil settings


Don't forget to save settings.

When you have unsaved settings the tab shows you this.

slic3r slic3r

You can Load Slicer settins, probably we will provide you with a configuration file.


This is a basic guid, after you start printing and gain experience you'll change other settings two.

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